Impact Adapter Set (1/4″- 1″ DR), 11 Piece Set

Part No: ME011N

Having a full set of impact sockets in each drive size (1/4”‐1” DR.) is every tool lover’s dream. It’s frustrating when you do not have the correct drive size socket for the application. With this set, Mighty Seven eliminates that frustration.

Within the set are 8 adapters and 3 universal joints that come in 3 different drive sizes. All sockets come with a detent ball (male drive side) and have pin and ring capacity (female drive side).

  •   Weight: 11.25 LBS
  •   Dimensions: 8.00 X 3.00 X 5.00 WxHxD - in.
  •   Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Lifetime vs Mfg. Defect vs Abuse

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